Monday, 12 January 2015


Welcome to Crystal via Bloglovin.

We have had a few lovely days with DS and FDiL but they left earlier today. Long walks in forests and by the seaside have kept us from hibernating indoors. Here is DB and myself plus 2 of the 3 grand-dogs, trying to stay upright in the very strong wind:
A couple more shots of the dogs (little Miss M. was missed out as she stayed by her mama who was taking the photographs). Herewith Master L (the fox red lab) and Miss S. the boss:
Yikes says he, this is cold!

Another lot of cold weather seems to be heading towards the UK, so we shall return to our normal 'post Christmas' mode and get back to our fully frugal ways.

The garden still has not fully shut down so weather permitting, we shall just have to grin and bear it and get on with things. Can't keep waiting. Then there is the house to return to normal, piles of washing to do, house work etc. I think we shall be kept nicely busy over the next few days.

Later there is hopefully, the final suit fitting to do, the ordered shirt is lovely and fits DB very well. Special offer via FDiL's father thank goodness so only a quarter of the normal price.

Right, lets get this show on the road, onwards and upwards!


  1. Sometimes it's nice to get back to 'normal' as it helps clear the mind and makes other times that little more special. Blowing a gale here once more but I'm determined to drag my sorry arse out and start walking the dogs before they become totally bonkers. Good luck with the housework m'dear.

    1. Thank you. Hope your knees hold out!!

  2. My dogs are preferring the indoors at the moment,proper couch potatoes .... but once I manage to drag them onto the prom in Llandudno they have a whale of a time, although Rosy is careful to keep her little paws out of the water at this time of year.

    1. Don't blame her, it is certainly cold this time of year. We walked back in the cover of sand dunes to keep them a little warmer.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time with your family. Boy wasn't it windy too. It kept us in most of the weekend but you were brave enough to face the elements on the beach and the dogs certainly looked liked they had fun. It's good to get back to normal again and now you have the wedding to look forward to. P x


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