Saturday, 3 January 2015

Food and welcome

First of all, welcome to Sherry Simpson and Christine via Bloglovin. Glad to have you both aboard the old Norfolk Express.

Like Scarlet, yesterday was a bread making day. I don't have a set day, just doing it the day before we run out. I used a total of 2lb 4oz of flour, plus various seeds depending on what I feel like. This bread was mostly wholemeal with a little white for a lift. It also had sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds in it:

For our evening meal we had wartime lobscouse (meatless):
It is one of our treat meals. It tastes beautiful but as you can see, is potato based so we try not to have it too often.

Today for lunch, we had our final (3rd) bowl of pea soup. This time, the dregs of our Christmas Boursin cheese and some ham were done as a toasted sandwich to accompany it:
When DS came for a couple of days in-between Christmas and New Year, he brought with him, our gifts from FDiL's parents. This was addressed to me but is for both of us I suspect:
How wonderful is that? We shall have a go when January has advanced a little and we can dedicate some time to it. I will of course post pictures!


  1. Oh its definitely bread baking time isn't it, we have a loaf in the breadmaker right now, its the first one since Christmas as I bought (shock! ) breadcakes just incase we had visitors for sandwiches, we didn't, but they are all gone now.

    Love the cheesemaking kit, what a lovely present, I have always fancied a go at making cheese, mind you we are supposed to be going low fat for a while lol will see how long that lasts!

    1. I occasionally make soft cheese from the yoghurt if it doesn't thicken properly so looking forward to this.

  2. Can't wait to hear about the cheese making.I have a Greek colleague and his mother is a fantastic halloumi cheese maker. Halloumi cheese toasted in a pan and served with a salad is just heaven. I'm going to try so many things when I retire next year.

    1. The kits seem expensive up front but each pack makes 12 lots of cheese. They do halloumi and mozzarella as well.

  3. Replies
    1. Mind you, I have just read recently that cheese technique is what make different soft cheeses so when I have done some of this I might use the rest of the things to try different cheeses.


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