Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Suits and needlepoint

First of all, a warm welcome to Jan Bird via Bloglovin.

We were away this weekend having the final fitting on the wedding suits. None required any more adjustment so the final payment was made. Suits, ties, shirts all done. FDiL has bought matching socks but we didn't get to see them as she was away on her relaxing spa hen party!

Although there was a smattering of snow as we drove over the hills, the road was clear. Yesterday not so, as can be seen by this photograph from DS on his way to work, 2" of ice and more snow than the other day:

The weekend was spent with DS and the dogs. I brought up all the ingredients to make us chicken in a tomatillo sauce. DS cooked us a reduced calorie Macaroni Cheese which was delicious and we had a quick snack out on Sunday after doing D.I.Y jobs around the house.

I woke up with a sore throat Saturday morning after a horrid night, got worse during the day and developed a cold on the way home yesterday. It is so long since I had one, I had forgotten how horrible you feel! I am typing this drinking hot water, lemon, honey, brandy and ginger syrup - lovely!

One of the Christmas presents we gave DS and FDiL was this:
The blank corners are where their initials are. DB created it as he is the needlepoint person. I chose the pattern and the thread colours. The whole thing apart from the aida background material is recycled.

The menu tab for our meals last week has been updated.


  1. Glad everything fitted. We have had only a little ice. No snow. Keep warm and I hope your cold goes quickly.

    1. So do I, my nose is so sore! Nothing where we live either just where they drive to work

  2. Oh I use that 'I feel poorly remedy' as well - minus the ginger. It does have a nice soothing feeling as it goes down. Hope it doesn't linger on until the big day.
    Nice cross stitch gift with a good motto!

    1. Seems to work well doesn't it! The motto is something they like. I'm hoping it is on its way, don't want it lingering.

  3. Hope you feel better soon DC. Your cold remedy sounds just the job. DB made a super needlepoint and am sure it was well received. P x


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