Monday, 23 February 2015

Post wedding

Welcome to A Few Pennies and Frugal in France.

The wedding was splendid, all went as planned and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, especially during the barn dance. We don't have many pictures of that as normal camera's struggled with the low light levels, but know the official photographer took some before he left at 9pm.

Mind you, we all got better after he left, although some slightly drunk people (men who forgot they were dancing as women to make up the numbers), kept going where the men were supposed to go!
I didn't have any alcohol until the last dance and still had a whale of a time.

We both danced at least 11 barn dances so are now well acquainted with names of moves. I'll add photographs tomorrow as I keep going dizzy and feel a bit spaced out, so am taking things easy as my normally low blood pressure is quite high for me so that might be what it is.


  1. glad to hear it went well. Take things easy today, if you're not feeling 100%. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

  2. So pleased to hear that you all had a wonderful time!
    Our DS and new DiL's wedding also went perfectly, they even got snow and brilliant sunshine for the photographs!
    Our professional photographer put in a really long day, she started at 9-30 am and didn't leave until 11-00 pm. The poor lass was shattered!
    We had a fantastic time, some of the guests had a fair bit to drink, but no-one on 'our side' of the family ever drinks to excess, we're all silly enough without it!
    We were up quite early yesterday to indulge ourselves with a huge full English breakfast at the hotel before starting the long journey home!
    I had so much energy before and during the event, but today am absolutely drained, so it's slow cooker soup for dinner this evening!
    I shall be taking things a bit slowly for the next few days, you should do the same, give yourself time to recover from the weekend!

    1. We are and glad all went well for you as well.

  3. I'm so pleased to hear all went well, look forward to photos.

  4. So glad things went well...I have missed your posts.

  5. I think Barn dances are perfect for weddings, everyone mixes so much better. Glad is was such a lovely day. Woo xx


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