Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Week 2 meals

Welcome to Jill Williams via Bloglovin.

As I needed to roast loads of vegetables for the chilli as well as towards soup, I rooted around and found the rib bones from the belly pork I bought at Christmas. Once the vegetables were prepared and oiled, they were laid on the top of them to roast to add extra flavour to the soup:
Once roasted, it all looked like this:

The bones went into boiling water to form some stock ready for the vegetable (and pork) soup. Once done they were removed and the stock put through a sieve to catch any little bits of bone. They were then picked clean. There was about 3 tablespoons of meat:

In they went with the remaining vegetables from the chilli to create pork and vegetable soup:
I have updated the menu tab with our first week of meals on the £20 food for two challenge.


  1. that looks good. On a side note, what is that on your header photo?

    1. It is a piece of sheet music from my old art degree. If you copy and paste the link beneath, it should take you to the page where you can watch and listen to it being played.



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