Tuesday, 10 March 2015

It is about this time of year...

That we notice we are gradually using less logs on the wood-burner. We still have the heating on low which shuts off just before 7am when our cheap electricity finishes. Only occasionally now will it go on for a short burst during the day. We have oil central heating but it uses an electric pump.

Although we often light the burner around 4pm, when the evenings are still around 4C, we usually let it go out sometime between 7-8pm. The residual heat keeps us warm until bed time. Our log basket usually contains reasonably sized logs which last us 2 nights. Now however, we start to chop those in half and the basket lasts 3 to 4 nights - a great saving:
The weekly two loaves of bread have been made:
This time they were rye, wholemeal and white. The one on the right had some ears on it, so we cut off and ate them separately otherwise the slicer has difficulties with them.

Our snow drops are now fully up and open:
You can only see a few on the above photograph but there are around 25 bunches in the front and another 5 or so in the back. The miniature daffodils are now 3" tall and their little flower buds are beginning to show.

The menu page for last week has now been added. We are still managing to keep the meat price for us both below our total allowance of £4.40. Meat is added as a treat to a vegetable based dish, or sometimes as the main part of a dish. If we do that however, the rest of the meals will all be vegetarian!

Finally,  welcome to Vintage Maison via here and Joanne via Bloglovin.


  1. My conservatory generates enough heat to warm the downstairs of the house. Its so lovely when you can stop having to put the heating on saving the pennies towards next years bills.

    1. It is a time of year we look forward to.

  2. it's nicer here also, our gas central heating is not on constantly now 24/7 which is a good thing. Though we do have snow still.

    1. We have just about been snow free so that is good for us.

  3. Our Snowdrops have just finished, it's a shame that their little white flowers are so faded and going back to green, but at least we know now where some of the ones we missed last year are and we can move them now to new places for next year rather than losing them when the driveway gets done.

    I love your loaf 'with ears', but toasters don't do they!!

    It's still pretty cold in the evening here but yes we can let our log burner die down a little bit earlier now too, it does make the stack of logs last a bit longer.


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