Thursday, 7 May 2015

An odd in out kind of day

It has been one of those odd, slow kind of days today. Had a leisurely breakfast (porridge), checked on line to see how Andy Murray had played. I was going to watch his match last night, due to start at 8.30pm. Every match before his seemed to go to 3 sets and/or a tie break in each set. By 11pm I gave up and went to bed. Turned out he didn't start to play until midnight our time, and didn't finish until nearly 2am.

We don't normally have access to sports tv apart from what is shown on terrestrial tv. However we found a way to watch tennis on tv. You can pay £6.99 per match, or £14.99 for a month or about £90 for the year. At first we used to pay for the odd match, then realised if we timed it correctly, we could pay for a month and see 3 venues worth of men's tennis. Have to remember though to cancel the subscription else it keeps coming out the bank!

We thought that was a fair amount of money as after this period of time, the next few months will be on our normal tv channels. After that, they play in countries with too large a time difference so we don't bother. We connect up DB's computer to the tv and watch via the internet (don't have that smart a tv).

A load of washing was hung out, then we went to vote. From there, onto hospital for DB to have an eye check (arrived 1/2 an hour before appointment). Two hours later we emerged and came home:( The washing had been rained on so was left out to dry. Ate a much needed lunch and had a cup of tea.

This afternoon was my 'big' hair day (colour, cut, blow dry) as opposed to a 'small' hair day (cut and blow dry). She arrived 1/2 an hour earlier than expected - I had the wrong time as she showed me her book:(

The colour had just been put on my head when I had to dash out as a huge dark rain cloud came over.
DB missed it walking back from the doctor's surgery. Hair done, we finally settled back into a more normal afternoon mode.

Tonight, I shall watch Andy on the internet again, although the matches seem to be going the same way again as yesterday so it might be early evening as opposed to the later afternoon slot.


  1. No rain in Essex gto day sand the wind has dropped quite a lot. My big hair day was last Thursday except I coloured it myself and went to the hairdressers for the cut and blow dry. I don't know why I bother with the blow dry. I always come home and wash it again, blow drying it to my satisfaction!!!!

    1. My hairdresser comes to me and has done for years. Luckily, she knows how I like it to be dried. I no longer colour it myself as I had a big scalp and hair reaction.

  2. I managed to get out to vote this morning in the sunshine and warmth….torrential rain this afternoon so it was sewing for a few hours. Like you, my hairdresser comes here and it's brilliant!


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