Thursday, 28 May 2015

Bits and pieces...

Including money we spent on simple home made meals whilst away (DS and DDiL got back too late for us to eat and they ate in the car on the way home) I have just totted up our food and toiletry spending for last month and it came to £125, so we are still managing to cut down from our regular old amount of £160 per month.

Hopefully, when the proper summer weather finally arrives, we should be eating more salad based meals which should cut it down further but we shall see. If it does reduce more, I would hope to use some of the spare to top up on things ready again for winter (packets, tins and sundries).

Checking out how much the front garden has changed since we were away, I took some photographs of things that will soon be finishing and others that should open up next week sometime.
Iris Sibirica:
Oriental Poppy with a bee just about to land on the second one from the right:
Euphorbia Griffithii:
Artemesia? - it has very small insignificant lemon flowers and has a habit of sprawling all over the place but after laying the stone circle, seems to be resting on one of the larger stones which is helping:
Pale Pink Double Peony:
Assorted Aqualegia:
Seeds head from the clematis on the oil tank:
I'll show some more once they decide to open. The front garden is a late Spring early Summer garden but I am trying to extend the season, little by little when I can.


  1. gosh your pictures of the flowers are lovely. Can I ask a question about your oil tank please... We are new to oil heating. Do you have a bunged tank? I am finding it all confusing

    1. Read this and see if it helps
      Ours is a plastic single skin (non-bunded) 1000 litre titan tank. It replaced a similar steel one which was just beginning to leak. It had to be moved away from where it was due to new fire regs.

  2. Lovely photos. Lots of variety and colour.

  3. The plants are looking so healthy and beautiful! The seed heads are very pretty aren't they?


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