Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Normal service resumed ...

Firstly welcome to Viv Wild via here and Chrissie M. via Bloglovin.

We have returned from DS and DDiL's house, where we have been for 8 days, busy painting, cleaning, tidying, gardening etc, ready for their house to be valued this coming weekend. Getting up at 05:45 every morning and going to bed around 10pm rather than our usual 11pm took a little getting used to but we managed.

Being at home last night in bed, should have been great but when travelling, I never seem to sleep well that night. Hopefully tonight, I shall be well and truly zonked:)

One of the area's we decorated was the hallway skirting plus one door where the previous owner had inserted a cat/small dog flap. Getting this area prepared took nearly an hour on my knees, hence the kneeling pad.

The walls needed F-o- tape putting on them (you know the stuff I mean, not masking tape), the floor needed protecting, plus the big insert of a door mat:

Although the flap area seems dominant here, once painted, it blended in far more.
The kitchen and bathroom were decorated, lots of stuff put away into boxes ready for moving sometime soon. Wallpaper was stuck back onto the main bedroom wall where it have come away.
Part of the hallway had already been painted by DDiL's mum, but some areas's were just too tall for her so we had brought our large ladder to finish off the stairwell but ran out of time.

In the end, we taped off the end previously painted which was at a junction in the wall. We luckily found the correct shade of paint left behind by the previous owner. Once two coats had been applied, it all blended in. Though the hall is now in two slightly differing colours, as a whole, it looks okay.

The conservatory (which is their utility room) was getting sorted so that was cleaned as well - what an absolute pain high ceilings are in these things, poor DB was sent up the ladder to clean the internal roof:(

The previous day I had washed down the outside of it but unfortunately felt my back give way almost towards the end of washing, so for two days, I wasn't much use at all. Luckily I was very stiff and in discomfort rather than in agony.

DS had seeded one area of lawn where a shed had been standing, but the old veg plot was weed infested and needed digging over - that took us 7 days but with DS helping DB towards the end, it was done and seeded.

The raised wooden beds were painted and planted and several skip trips ensued to clear everything out.

The front fascia, doors, window sills, gutters etc were cleaned out and washed. DS climbed on their garage roof to push leading back in. All slabs both front and back were power washed. I had wanted to get the front bed weeded and planted to add 'kerbside' appeal but we just ran out of time.

All in all, a good weeks work. They are both going to try and continue sorting out and thinning out 'clutter' each evening when they return from work.


  1. They were so lucky to have your input. Take care of that back though. Wish my husband was as good up a ladder - standing on a chair is his limit!

  2. You deserve a good night's sleep after that but look after your back please!


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