Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Pruning our clematis

Welcome to Susanna via Bloglovin. I have put a link here which takes you to the British Clematis Society web site on how and when to prune clematis.

The one I have growing over the oil tank is Clematis "Macropetala Wesselton" a Category 1 requiring no pruning unless necessary:

To the right of the front window are two plants,. The first is Clematis "Veronica's Choice" - a Category 2 requiring a light prune back to healthy shoots in February. It can be pruned again after flowering to produce new shoots and flowers. This is a strange clematis as it has double flowers early, followed by single flowers later on:
Right next to it is Clematis Vitecella John Howells - a Category 3 which requires hard pruning back to healthy shoots in February. That is unfortunate because at that time of year, I won't know which is which so shall have to remember to prune at maybe a metre or so instead of my usual 30 cms:

The one growing to the left of the front window is this one:
I  have no idea what it is called unfortunately. This year is will be climbing but as I cut it back each February (don't know it that is correct for this un-named one but it is currently full of flower buds), I sometimes let it climb around the ground and over other plants.


  1. Your Clematis are lovely.

    Unfortunately the two we bought to climb up the trellis to hide the old oil tank died because of the oil leak we had, so sad I bet they would have been lovely this year. Hopefully once the workshop is up we will be able to choose another and have a bit of floral action at the front of the building.

    1. They have all taken their time to get going and usually have to fend for themselves. They get a very infrequent liquid feed if and when I remember, which is almost always once a year:(

  2. Lovely photos. I always manage to kill my clematis!
    J x

    1. Well as mentioned above, these 3 have certainly taken their time to get going.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, we particularly like the blue one on the oil tank!


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