Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Update and front garden

The menu tab has now been updated with meals from the last two weeks. How remiss of me!

Normally, when I show you pictures of the front garden, it is taken from inside looking through the front window. You probably miss about 1/2 of it so here it is from different angles.

The first one is near our back garden gate, right hand side of the house, facing forward and to the left:
This next one is from the top right, inside my archway, facing the house, looking right towards the driveway:
Here I am standing at the top of our driveway, which is on the right of the house as we arrive, looking left across the garden to the oil tank, back gate and to the front of the house as I view it from here:
This final picture is standing halfway down the driveway, back to the front of the house, looking to the right (and archway) of the garden.
Other than the newly laid stone circle and the pathways of gravel, in a few weeks time, most of the gravel in these growing areas will be hidden.

The front garden is predominantly an early summer garden but it does have an increasing number of daffodils and snowdrops, and a few late summer/autumn plants.


  1. The garden is looking wonderful!
    Our back garden is at its best in late Spring as far as colour is concerned; after that it tends to just be forty shades of green! The front is at its best in the height of summer, when all the vegetables are growing well ( providing we get some decent weather - it's mighty cold for May here again today!)

    1. Thank you. Sunshine, rain and hail today and the wind is so cold.

  2. So pretty, I like the look of the plants in the shingle, a bit like a beach :) xxx

    1. It is like a beach garden in a way, especially as the seagulls come this far into land.


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