Monday, 4 May 2015

Updates And a little advertising and Congratulations

I have been busy planning our meals for the next fortnight, a mixture of mainly home made frozen and a few fresh. The meals are mainly hot ones as having looked at the weather for the next fortnight, the highest temperature foreseen, is 17C. A few things with coleslaw will also be eaten.

Well, we really needed the rain and after the forecast had promised us some for several days, it finally arrived yesterday. Not as hard as first hoped, but steady. That is the kind of rain the garden needs, steady and slow allows it to permeate down where needed.

A few more tops and inner bits of the last 2 raised beds were also painted, knowing the rains were due. Once we have a few dry days to dry out the wood, the last 2 vegetable beds should be painted and finished.

One of the things I like about Shades (oh advertising) wood paint, especially the Black Ash, it that it puts a nice sheen onto the wood, which seems to make the colour last far longer than normal fence paint.

Had hoped to watch Andy Murray in his first clay court final in Munich, but their rain was heavier than ours. So, everyone who needs to be, has stayed behind so that they can hopefully play today!

Well done Andy on your first clay court win!

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  1. we need to seal our deck, but can't get a few days dry weather to do it.


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