Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Body Lotion err no!

The first thing I attempted to make, was a half trial size body 'lotion' from here  She has some amazing products for everything!

I have never used/smelt Shea Butter, so bought unrefined organic, not realising it has a far stronger smell, which I am not too keen on at all! Ah well, you live and learn! Her recipe was adjusted to suit the age of my skin, in particular, reducing the number of drops of aromatherapy oils - see information at the end of this post. If you decide to have a go, I suggest you do your research, especially with regard to the aromatherapy oils as well as any sensitivity to any of the products:

Herewith photographs of it being made - weighed Shea Butter put on a low heat to melt:

Adding the oil -I chose Apricot Kernel Oil:
Carefully stirred to combine. The pan then went into the freezer on top of a folder tea towel for the recommended time. It was removed after 15 minutes when it was changing colour:
Essential aromatherapy oils (EAO) were added - half of what she recommended for my skin age: It was blended slowly using an electric whisk until it changes to a cream colour but was still slightly soft at this stage:
Her instructions said to blend for 1 - 2 minutes or there about and it is difficult to know when to stop. I decided when I could just discern 'ribbon strands' in the mixture and it had changed to a cream colour. After detaching my whisk and knocking off and product, this happened when I went to transfer it, showing I had over-whisked it:
Absolutely solid - Doh!

Not to be outdone, it was put back onto a gentle heat to re-melt, put back into the freezer until it changed to an opaque tone. Then I began whisking it again, this time in short bursts, probably 20 seconds or so, until it was cream coloured but still quite mobile! I waited for a day or so to see how it behaved, whether it would separate out again etc.

It didn't separate but is absolutely solid once cold, so it is not a lotion! It eventually 'melts' when you take out a little and rub it between your fingers before applying to your skin. I did a 24 hour test patch on my inner forearm for safety before using.

The following morning I attempted to use it on my face. Once a little of the solid cream had been rubbed on my fingers (taking it out of the jar with a spatula to help prevent introducing microbes), I applied it. Several hours later, it was still slowly absorbing and my face felt very greasy which was not a nice feeling. In the end I wiped it off:(

Taking everything into consideration, I would consider this a body butter rather than a lotion. I really hate the smell so have decided to use it on my feet, especially the heel area! I shan't be making it again but luckily it used up all my shea butter so that's good! Onwards and upwards!

Herewith some interesting information garnered from the web,  on how many drops of essential aromatherapy oil (EAO) should be put in home-made products depending on your age or the age of the person who would use them. For example, most charts appear to recommend:

1% Solution: For babies, children under 3 and those over 65:
5 ml of base  =  1 drop of EAO
1 oz of base = 5-6 drops of EAO

2% Solution - For children over 3 and those under 65:
5 ml of base = 2 drops EAO
1 oz base = 10-12 drops EAO

Final points to consider, with regard to the EAO is this, do they agree with you? If you change to something you like the smell of more, will it agree with you, will it be fine in the sun, is it safe to use whilst pregnant etc. Check out this page, going down to the dermal irritant bit in particular here

Finally, what did it cost? Well, having originally decided to use it for a daily moisturiser on my face, my normal one costs £5 for a small pot. This was £1.95 to make, and by volume (not weight) would have given me 3 pots, so is a lot cheaper!

Using it as a body butter is quite cheap as well. Again by volume, they appear to range in value from £12 to £20 depending on make, for a slightly smaller amount.



  1. I've never noticed a smell from Shea butter, but I get the tins of it from L'occitane, which is organic, but may not be unrefined which could account for the lack of fragrance.
    Shea butter's great just as it comes, melt a little in the palm of your hand, rub on dry heels, pop a pair of socks on and leave overnight, and in the morning, voila, soft feet!

    1. This is quite strong but working well on my feet but the sooner it is gone, the better!

  2. I love homemade products , have done lip balms and hand creams as well as body creams . I do wonder about the smell, shea butter can go rancid quicker than other fats?

    1. It was new and bought from a reputable company and they did say unrefined had a strong smell. Other people who have used refined say it hardly has a smell so guess I bought the wrong one!


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