Thursday, 6 August 2015

Material and building something

After doing our weekly shop yesterday, I took the opportunity to go into a couple of charity shops. One of them I knew sold some nice, pure handmade soap, so I went and got their web address to check out its ingredients. All good so I might pop back in and get what I need.

In the other shop, I came across a new (but old apparently) and unopened twin sheet and pillowcase packet. It was going for £2.25 so I snapped it up as it has the colours in it that I need for a quilt.

It is made by Springmaid (an American company I think) in the pattern Camille:
Very Monet isn't it? Anyway, loads of material there for my stash.

DB is busy beavering away in the garage on another task for me. You only have to ask him and off he goes even though I mentioned I was in no hurry for it:
He has taken apart a twin garden seat and table thing - mahogany I think -  that was getting beyond repair and we were going to cut up for firewood. Anyway, after a quick check and a few small repairs, he has found enough wood to make me what I asked for.

More to follow as it evolves. That is it for this week, have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. Looking forward to seeing what your man is building. Gifted DIY husbands are to be treasured!

  2. The fabric is beautiful! I found a rather lovely piece of monochrome fabric this morning with a stylised tree pattern on it. At £1 for a huge piece it had to come home with me. I'm going to recover my vintage garden chairs with it.

    1. That does sound nice. Although this pattern is a bit busy, once cut up, I think it will fit in well.

  3. Springmaid is/was a great brand for bed linens. They were not cheap, good quality and always awesome colours and patterns.

    I have a set that is close to 25 years old still in use.

    Good find

    1. They do feel good quality, very high count. A good bargain methinks.

  4. I loved the sheet, very pretty!
    Hoping to see his project come together.


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