Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Gluten Free Baking Trials and tribulations

Not having any ingredients in the house to make my own flour or pastry, I decided to use a loaf of GF bread as a trial.

The first thing made was a bread and butter pudding, seen here before baking:
I cooked it for the normal length of time and temperature. Once cooked it was well risen though an odd grey in colour probably due to using a wholemeal version of bread. Taste wise for us, it wasn't too bad at all:

Don't think I will make it again though as the GF person doesn't like custard. Maybe because it was a GF loaf, it didn't suck up enough of the egg and milk mixture so was a mix of eggy bread and omelette in its texture!

Removing crusts from more (falling apart?) slices of bread, I rolled them out and used cutters to make two large and small circles for a mince pie trial. There was no discernable colour change (still grey after cooking) once cooked. Taste wise, again not too bad but the texture was odd, a little like a toasted mincemeat sandwich!
The final trial was a small amount of shortbread. I used butter, almonds, gram and cornflour. They were then divided into 8 balls and pressed flat before baking.

Unfortunately once in the oven, I discovered the sugar still sitting in a bowl:(

Once cooked, they crumbled badly once picked up, tasted awful (not surprising with the lack of sugar and overpowering taste of gram flour) and ended up in the bin. They couldn't even be rescued by some custard:
Ah well, the next batch must be better!


  1. After a few years of enforced GF baking, I can honestly say that it's not easy! GF flour just doesn't behave the same at all. There are some recipes on my blog which have worked - spiced pumpkin cake, carrot and banana cake, clementine cake all work well. My daughter rated the MandS GF mince pies as the best, if you resort to buying. Xanthan gum helps with elasticity.

    1. Thanks for that, I have had better luck since these early trials.

  2. I have had some success with this http://www.atastylovestory.com/the-famous-brilliant-black-bean-chocolate-cake/ . I am working on a version which doesn't have eggs for a vegan friend. I am thinking apple sauce instead

    1. Thank you Frances, looks interesting.

    2. As an egg replacer, you can try using aquafaba which is basically the bean water left over when you drain a can of beans. You can sub 3 Tbs. of aquafaba for each egg. It also whips beautifully and I have used it to make vegan meringues! In my vegan baking experience, applesauce works great for replacing some of the oil in cake but I like using aquafaba to replace the eggs. Google it...there's a great Facebook community dedicated to recipes and troubleshooting as well!

    3. Again, interesting but the gluten free is for a Christmas guest so might not have to create much GF food.


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