Monday, 16 November 2015

New Soap Flakes, ATP tennis, Menu Update - Updated

The 2 boxes of soap flakes I ordered, arrived after 4 days:
I have no need to use them for quite a while but when I do, will let you know how they work out!

It is such a shame that the BBC have chosen, for whatever reason, to only show the tennis from 2pm to 5pm. They are not showing any doubles that are on at midday, or presumably any matches in the evening. What is the point? How would football or rugby fans feel if they only got half a match.

If you have Sky Sports or Tennis TV or any other type of pay sports package, you are okay, the rest of the country is stuffed. We are lucky to have paid until the end of November on the middle one, so internet connection not withstanding, should be able to watch the matches not shown on the BBC.

They may of course change the schedule, to accommodate evening matches showing Andy, though I doubt it but you never know. It looks like, yet again, Jamie will be left out in the cold for the most part, unless he has an afternoon match.

Well done to Jamie and John Peers for hanging on in the tie break to take the win. I have updated our menu tab for last week.

Also well done to Kyle Edmund on his win on clay, Dan Evans and James Ward for their wins on hard courts. I'm hoping Kyle will be chosen for the Davis Cup, unless Aljaz Bedene wins his appeal (probably unlikely), as he is ranked higher than Kyle. Tomorrow we will know.

Good luck today Andy - well done Andy!


  1. Have just been catching up with your posts and agree that the BBC is letting quite a few of us down. I am a Formula One fan and the BBC doesn't always show the race 'live' therefore you have to see just the highlights and it's just not the same. Sky sports have live Formula One, but you can't just purchase the basic package of approx £25/month. You have to pay another £22/month in addition to the basic as F1 is only on the Sports Sky Channel. I cannot afford or justify that amount, as I only watch TV for Formula One and Casualty (occasionally Aljazerra News) that is a very expensive way to watch the sport I love. Perhaps we should all petition the BBC for both the tennis and F1 viewers!

    1. They are losing a lot of money due to the current loophole for people watching tv on catchup and not paying for a licence. They announced today that they cannot keep the red button service, probably not F1 etc.


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