Monday, 14 March 2016


Now that the new fence and gates, which close off the driveway have aired, we started painting it on Saturday. We were well wrapped up as although there was no wind, there was also no sun. We managed to get 1/3rd of the first coat on before stopping due to severe aches on both of us:

We are using the more expensive Cuprinol Shades in Black Ash for this new fence but all the older stuff down the drive, is receiving 3 coats of normal Cuprinal Black otherwise it would be far too expensive. Once things start sending out their new green shoots, it should look lovely.

We have agreed a price with our neighbour on a shared fence as we wanted one to match this so have gone in half and half. That bit of fence won't get done until the end of April so may be impossible to paint by then.

Overall, we are very pleased with it and went out Sunday to do some more. That was a sunny day but with a very cold wind:(


  1. Nice work, that will look lovely once spring has sprung!

  2. I think the colour scheme will show off plants beautifully Dc

  3. That looks fabulous against the gravel!

    1. That is what we were hoping for!


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