Thursday, 24 March 2016

What a stink...

I have lived in the countryside for most of my life so am well adapted to smells but boy, this current one is horrendous. The farmer has either ploughed in a field where pigs have been kept for years, or slung pig or cow slurry onto the fields. Sometimes when we are out for a walk, we come across high piles of cow manure on concrete standings and usually have to hold our breath as we walk by (or for longer if the wind is in the wrong direction). That though, is a different smell to this so it must be pig slurry.

This smell arrived early yesterday morning so we went further afield for the day - until we could stop smelling it:) Without thinking, even though the air still stank, I opened the two back bedroom windows when we got home and by night time, the back of the house also stank.

Both windows were shut and another door opened to let it into the rest of the house where it was less strong, enabling us to at least sleep without choking - it really is that bad(:

First thing this morning we went to go out shopping and it is still around. We are all hoping the coming rains will put it back into the land where it belongs.


  1. For your sake, I hope it goes soon.There was a farm near us in Leicestershire, and every so often the entire village would stink for a day. Will scented candles help with the smell inside the house? Hoping you are blessed with a sweet smelling Easter weekend!!

  2. We used to have that smell regularly from the pig farm just across the field. It really is the most disgusting smell ever. It makes me feel sick.

  3. Oh dear. We also live on the edge of a town in the countryside. These kind of smells do seem to linger once in the house. Hope it clears for you soon. X

  4. I'm just thinking that maybe its worth it if the farmer is organic and not using artificial stuff. But then, I'm not the one that has to smell it. lol

  5. The same thing happened here on Tuesday into Wednesday - our bedroom stank overnight and having a migraine as well didn't help! It has gone now and I hope yours has, too!

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. We were out yesterday and light rain fell which for now, has removed the smell. Lets hope todays warm weather doesn't bring it back out!

  7. I really hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but if ain't pig pooh, it might be people pooh. The spreading of humanure is the pongiest process in the known universe.

    1. We know the smell of human manure from living abroad, pretty sure this is pig.

  8. Yes, every now and then it can be a real stinker! The price we pay these days for living in the country I guess.

  9. I agree with Jackie that it could be either human waste or chemical fertiliser. I have always found that animal waste doesn't smell too bad but anything else, yuck! I hope it clears soon. Happy Easter xxx


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