Friday, 8 April 2016

Butterless coffee and walnut cake - testing again!

Moving on from the last time I made this cake, see here

I made another single Victoria sponge layer of this cake again, this time deliberately missing out the butter and guess what - it still worked. We have decided this is how we will make it from now onwards.

I was feeling a little lazy and couldn't be bothered to toast the walnuts and you can still taste them. I also reduced the sugar again (10g for 1/2, 20g for the full amount) and for us, it is just right. Not wanting to use butter or other icing, this time we just finely grated some chocolate mini eggs over the top.

The only other differences were I had no natural yoghurt but did have some sour cream so substituted that instead - it still worked. I also used medium rather than large eggs - it still worked.

Here it is:

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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  1. Cake tester sounds like my ideal job, I'll be round in a jiffy!


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