Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Fences finished...

At last, all the new picket fence down the drive and the old fences, have been painted black. It has taken a long time due to the rain or showers. Each side of the smaller old panels have had 3 or 4 coats. The larger ones had the same amount but on our side only as it didn't leak through to next door. The picket fence took two coats due to being a better quality but more expensive paint.

We have already bought two tins on special offer of this paint for when the final bit of picket fencing and gate are built. We will need a small tub of the other paint to finish off a panel that needs changing. It is attached to the house and garage and used to be a big gate many years ago. Now it is sealed shut as I grow plants on a bench in the back garden bit and I am on the look out for a long deep trough for the drive side so I can extend some vegetable growing in that area.

Sunday morning, DB and I attached all the cotoneaster horizontalis using metal eyes and black tie wraps. They are now standing upright again, after being pulled forward so we could paint properly behind them. Two new ones have been planted in a large gap to fill it up!

We have put a forsythia in front of the tall panel closest to the garage but don't know how it will fair as it has been used as a liquid (not nice but not toxic) dump. It will grow or die. If the latter, then we shall have to put something into a big tub instead. I think red and green down the driveway plus this flash of bright yellow and green will look lovely:
Here are a few more of the finished panels with more green leaves of the cotoneaster opening:


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