Friday, 1 April 2016

Food and film night

First of all, welcome to Julie Neale via Bloglovin.

Wednesday evening saw me sneezing and going to bed with a sore throat, hoping it wouldn't develop into anything nasty. Slept okay and Thursday morning, although I was a little sniffy with a mild sore throat nothing untoward developed. It seems whatever it was, I have had it before and my immune system managed to respond quickly!

Last night, was our 'school' get together for a Chinese meal and film. The meal was okay but to be honest, we are finding them rather bland unless you choose something spicy. The Belgian Chocolate cheesecake treat, was nice, but way too sugary. Thank goodness we had some home made ice cream to cut through it.

Once that was all cleared away, we settled down to watch the last James Bond movie, 'Spectre'. It was okay if a little formulaic, I would give it 6.5 - 7 out of 10.

We managed to get the first coat of black paint on our 3 full size fence panels yesterday. One was better than the others and we might get away with just one more coat on that one. The other two will need 3 coats we think.

With the weather forecast to be fine, we should be able to get them all finished this week. Yeah!

Nothing else to report so have a lovely weekend everyone.

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  1. Lol.....I have just watched the first three Bond films with Daniel Craig....and that's about seven hours or so of my life I will never get back. Your score out of ten was very generous.
    Glad your cold didn't amount to anything....I am over six weeks and counting with mine. Horrible thing -x-


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