Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Well done to Aljaz Bedene on winning his first round singles match and to Andy Murray and Dom Inglot on winning their first round doubles. Andy plays his first singles today and Jamie his first doubles, so you can guess where I will be this afternoon:)

The past few days of nice weather, have seen DB emptying the compost bin, and me sieving through two sieves to remove stones, lumps etc. We never have much in the bin, maybe 18" or so but is is in lovely condition once sieves and a great boost to the garden.

Each raised bed received about 1/2" - 1", the tomato and bean bed down the drive had a good dollop of the coarser compost, the fruit trees around the garden also received some, as well as all the plants in the fruit cage.

The still in use bin will now be tossed into the empty bin, along with loads of shredded paper then closed down until next spring. The freshly emptied bin will then be used until next Spring, when the cycle begins again.

It is a good job we shall soon be having chiropratic treatment as I for sure, feel some very tight muscles in my spine area, shoulders and neck. I really could do with my massage but that has had to be pushed a few weeks back:(

I have my first blossom on the relatively new greengage tree so hope I might get a few fruit, if they stay on. A couple of apple trees that have sulked for a few years also have a good amount of blossom, as do most of the fruit, a sure sign that for the most part, winter has hopefully finished and spring is truly sprung!

Whatever your weather today, I hope you get done what you want to do and if possible, have a lovely day to get on with some gardening.


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how all the junk we throw in to the compost bin turns out such wonderful stuff which is so good for our garden. I bought a tiny patio plum tree two years ago and got quite a good harvest the first year then nothing last year. It's absolutely covered in blossom at the moment so I'm hoping for a good year, fingers crossed for us both.

    1. Magical stuff compost. Plum blossom is very susceptible to late frosts so fingers crossed.

  2. I agree with Jo about being amazed that stuff turns into rich, brown compost. When we got our first allotment it was absolutely full of bindweed root. We painstakingly picked it all out as we dug the plot and filled a dalek style compost bin with it. Lots of people told us it couldn't be composted but we just put the bin behind the shed and forgot about it. After several years we had the most amazing compost, and we'd beaten the bindweed problem on the plot too by digging and picking it all out rather than rotovating and increasing the problem.

    1. Very true, horrible stuff bind weed. I remember Geoff Hamilton talking about how to get rid of it. He reckoned if it was in your flower borders to insert canes to encourage it to climb. Once climbing, put on heavy duty rubber gloves, then massage it with weed killer gel. That way it killed the growing part plus all its roots, plus you didn't get the weed killer onto your garden. Good advice I think.


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