Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A new flavoured gf biscuit

Carrying on with gf baking, I normally make these biscuits, oat and chocolate chip cookies,  as per the recipe on the gluten free tab above. However, last week, I picked up this chocolate from Lidl:
We only had half of it left, so 100g rather than 200g went into the biscuits but they still taste lovely and are very crisp.


  1. Big thing on news this morning about gluten free food previously on prescription. They were saying it is a niche food group and expensive in supermarkets - is it that much more in your experience?

    1. You quite often pay a lot more for bought baked goods which is why I bake. The biscuits above for example, you would get maybe 10 for £2 - £3 or so, plus it is all full of cheminals. I choose to eat gf but our weekly food bill is still around the £30 mark plus a £30 top up every few months of special flours etc.


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