Friday, 13 May 2016

Bursting out all over ... UPDATED

The garden that is not me. Although if the truth be told, I need to lose a little winter weight, maybe 2lb or 3lb tops:)

Herewith some shots of the front garden:

The newly planted troughs on the fence outside the kitchen (the alpines didn't make it through the winter:(

The tomatoes and peppers inside my small greenhouse which will need to be fleeced overnight for several nights now - oh - and the little bergonia's above I think as well:
Finally, the ornamental quince outside the dining room door:

Congratulations to Andy Murray for winning the Sporting Role Model Award see

Tennis is about to start so I shall sit and watch Jamie and Bruno in the doubles, then my two favourites in the singles, Andy and David Goffin - oh dear, who should I cheer for?

Have a lovely weekend folks and keep warm!


  1. It looks really really lovely. I am a little envious as I was never blessed with green fingers and my garden is very much trial and error. Enjoy the tennis. X

    1. Everything is trial and error, just keep going. Learn what soil type you have then you know what you can and can't grow.

  2. It's beautiful. Isn't it wonderful to see so much green again?

    1. Certainly is and more green to come.


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