Monday, 2 May 2016

First failure

I'm sorry to say the first loaf of sourdough we made, after making the sourdough starter and it working okay, was not good. It probably didn't help that the first recipe I chose to try was the only one in the River Cottage based book without the addition of extra yeast:(

The loaf was very liquid, didn't rise even after several hours in a warm airing cupboard and was almost solid with the psyllium husk before being baked. It rose ever so slightly during cooking, the time of which seemed far too long. I removed it after a total of 40 minutes rather than the 1 hour plus stated and it was definitely cooked.

Once sliced it looked reasonable but was way too gummy. We have had that before so tasted some to see if it had that magical sourdough taste - erm, nope!

We both disliked it so much as it was very sour, so the birds got it:( my own devised starter seems to be working better, so we shall see how this one goes!


  1. Oh dear, that is disappointing. I hate it when recipes don't work. I tried out 4 new recipes this weekend and only one of them will be made again. The others were all disasterous. The gluten free mini cheese scones were so dry (even straight from the oven) that I just couldn't swallow them without a glass of warer. The birds got those too!

    I look forward to hearing about your own sourdough starter recipe if that works out.


  2. I still don't think any gf sourdough starter would be as good as non gf sourdough but time will tell.


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