Monday, 30 May 2016

Goodness me

Well done Andy, commiserations Jamie and well done Jamie. That will only make sense if you have been watching tennis!

I smell... of horses. We visited Houghton Hall International Horse Event on Saturday. Despite a good slightly chilly breeze initially, the sun eventually came out and warmed us up:

We stayed for about 4 hours and eventually meandered our way around the whole cross country course - in two phases. DB reckoned we probably walked the equivalent of 3 or 4 miles doing so.

We stood and watched horses fly by us on tight corners or whizz over each fence where possible, before moving on. As you can imagine, they were very fast and loads of pictures were blurred but these are the best of the bunch:

After getting half way around we returned to the car for a packed lunch and sit down, then treated ourselves to a hot cup of coffee, before walking the other half. On our way back, we came across these good speciments of bracket fungi on an old oak tree:

I think they might be 'chicken of the woods', edible by all accounts depending on its host. I didn't fancy it and wouldn't have taken any anyway but it is certainly a beautiful thing.

The final treat of the day was an ice cream each from a local dairy. I had raspberry and white chocolate, DB had chocolate.

We came home, had an early bath to rid us of horses, watched tennis, had a late supper and retired.

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  1. wonderful glad you had such a wonderful day.

  2. Sounds like a fun filled day. Great photos and what a lovely looking fungi. Wish I was more adventurous to try something like that.

    1. I saw someone elses picture of the fungi from 2008, it was a lot smaller then.


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