Friday, 20 May 2016

Jolly Gumdrops

We found these in Lidl today, 79p a tin and bought 2 tins, one of which has gone into the winter food box:
We haven't eaten these for years but quite like them. If you haven't tried them, they have a lightly scented flavour, in the same way that mango sometimes has but their taste and texture is unique.

We also came across these in Mr. T's, Nestle gluten free chocolate rice. They also do gf cornflakes, and gf honey cornflakes. Up until now, not wanting to pay the price for specialised cereals (and not needing too as we are not Coeliacs) we have been having other cereal which has barley malt extract.

We weren't happy doing that, so finding these, at a good price for a good amount, we decided to try them and will let you know.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. We loved canned lychees, have been buying them for years, when we can find them anywhere. What is nice, is to put a few with some tinned prunes for a 'black and white' breakfast starter, making them part of our five-a-day! They are nice also with sliced up strawberries, or with raspberries, or part of a fresh fruit salad.
    Margaret P

  2. My fave fruit! Tinned ones are so much easier too!

  3. I saw your header and thought you meant Norfok, Va. Alas, we can't get many of the supplies you have there. When my wire and I were stationed in Naples, Italy long ago, we traded things from the American PX to the British naval personnel for things from their PX. I loved that syrup that came in a green can, with a lion on the label.

    I'm always looking for products for my long term food storage, but guess I will have to stick to hard candies for now!

    1. Lyles Golden Syrup is what you are thinking of in the green tin. I believe you can buy it over there, either by the dase in Walmart (plastic bottles though) or via The British Food Depot online in the USA.

  4. Is this part of a Chinese theme or normal stock? I am heading to Braintree today where they have a Lidl so will pop in and have a look xxx


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