Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Chocolate ginger loaf cake - economy version ...

Well done Andy and Alijaz, shame you will be playing each other next round!

Although this recipe uses GF flour, it could just as easily use normal plain flour. The GF version can be found here.

I only had a hazelnut chocolate bar so measured out 100g rather than the 75g, melted it with the butter then hoicked out the hazelnuts!

One teaspoon ground ginger was added rather than 1/2 teaspoon, as we love ginger, but to be honest, we couldn't taste it. Nor did I have any chocolate left over for the top:(

Here it is removed from the tin. I managed to hold it in my hand, just a tad too long and squashed it in one side. It sinks after removing from the oven so don't be alarmed by that:
And a slice of it:

As we had some fresh raspberries so I squished one handful through a sieve, added 1 tablespoon icing sugar and whisked them together. This was the prelim to a 'poke' loaf.

Using the blunt end of a clean pencil, poke holes into the loaf. Carefully spoon your chosen berry juice into each hole. I have a syringe so used that without the needle. Herewith two slices with juice in:
The rest was poured on the top:
And left to soak it. When eaten, it has the taste of a trifle to it - yum. You can make most sponge cakes into 'poke' cakes this way, something I shall be doing more of later.

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  1. Raspberry, chocolate and ginger that sounds (and looks) great!


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