Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Who would have thought....

By the 1st June, we would still be wrapping up warm? For the past few days, the temperatures here, have been around 10C during the day, with heavy rain, very strong and chilly winds and the night time temperatures are below 9C still - far too cold for my tomatoes to be put into the garden:(

Their roots are already showing out the base of their decent sized pots, they are tall but reasonably strong so hopefully, they will cope. Currently they are inside my mini greenhouse with the top open just a couple of inches, to keep out the driving rain and cold winds.

We have lit the woodburner twice in the last two days as well, although only the initial log was burnt, just to take the chill off.

Having caught up with all my washing, I now have a huge pile but it can't be put out due to the weather. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I might be able to get started.

Hardly any tennis coming from France as they have been just as badly hit by this low front. Might get some today hopefully.

The extra covers on the bed have been put back on, and for our weekly walk, we were in full, wet weather and winter gear, with boots so full of mud, we felt at times as though we were walking on muddy stilts:(

Ah well, things can only get better, can't they? As you might or might not know, East Anglia is supposed to be the driest area in the UK, with the least amount of rainfall!


  1. It's bitterly cold here in South Yorkshire, the heating is back on. I planted some lettuce plants in the veg garden last week and after the downpour yesterday they are looking quite sad :-(. Tomatoes cucumbers and the courgette plants are in the greenhouse and look ok. Washing done this morning will go on the clothes horse in the conservatory, might look unsightly but they should dry. The forecast for today doesn't look very promising either :-(

  2. Finally get to watch some tennis today. I have to take it easy for a couple of days as I had an image guided cortisone shot in my ankle this morning so hopefully the rain will stay away in France!

  3. Same here. Fire lit last night for a short time. Duvet etc back on bed and jumpers back in use. Weather forecast promising scorcher next week. Can you believe it?

  4. The weather is lovely in Lancashire for a change. It has been warm and dry, we have had some glorious sunshine and I've finally removed the extra blanket from the bed!

    1. The temperature today has been 9C for most of the day, plus a cold wind. We actually had tp put the heating on for half an hour as we just couldn't get warm!

  5. The weather is crazy, we too lit the fire :(. Hopefully the forecast is better for the coming week xxx


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