Monday, 11 July 2016

Shoe Box...

Welcome to The 3 Year Challenge via here.

Near the dining room door, which leads outside, we have this basket (here not in situ), in which we store a pair of outdoor shoes each, a torch or two, and a pair of overalls that DB uses when doing most of the hard work outside. Now that the room is freshly painted, it not only looks grubby and out of place (and yes, it could have been painted), but I was worried constantly lifting up the lid would eventually mess up the paint behind it:

As I need to paint the bookcase to get it to match the room and bring the rest of my books back into the dining room, we went out to look for a bedroom cabinet of some kind to paint and use instead.

After a few attempts in shops, we eventually found this in the British Heart Foundation shop:
DB has already stripped it into its component parts, sanded and removed the dust with white spirit. I hope to begin painting it soon:
It was reduced in the sale from £10 to £5, a bargain methinks!


  1. Lovely little cabinet and a bargain to boot, look forward to seeing the finished article m'dear.

  2. I love finding a bit of furniture that I can 'do up'. Looking forward to the pics.

    1. It may end up being reasonably plain to fit in with the room.


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