Friday, 30 September 2016


Although I love baking GF items, flapjacks are one of those things (which are GF) that I invariably forget to bake - have no idea why.

With that in mind, I set to baking a batch. There are many recipes around so take your pick but I use a basic version of 8oz jumbo oats, 6oz butter or margerine and 3 tablespoons golden syrup. After that, I add things to it.

On this occasion I added a handful of  sunflower seeds, 2 grated balls of ginger plus a tablespoon of their juice and 1/2 a packet of plain chocolate drops, from the freezer and stirred in just before baking.

I baked them in an oblong at 160C for 35 minutes, cut them into 18 squares and allowed them to go cold in the tin. I usually sit my tin on the draining board which helps them go cold a little quicker.

Another time, I shall add about 10 washed and diced glace cherries and 6 - 8 diced dried apricots.

I often add a handful of linseeds, either whole or ground down, but forgot this time. Herewith said flapjacks:

This is my liast post for this week, so have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Amused by this. A friend made delicious gf flapjacks for us the other day. I emailed her THIS MORNING to ask for the recipe and it's almost identical to yours. She said it's basically from the old Be-Bo cookbook and she added ginger and pecan nuts to it.
    Like you I tend to forget what a useful offering they are for when friends come or to fill a tin for the week.

    1. I think this recipe is from the bero cookbook.

  2. They certainly sound good. Gave a good weekend yourself.

  3. I love flap jack and must make some this week. What does gf stand for?

  4. I used to make flapjacks quite a lot and then just "forgot" about them, same as you... Now you've inspired me to make them again :-) though I will probably use honey instead of golden syrup, I just prefer the taste.


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