Friday, 9 September 2016


I don't know about you, but I find being irritable very, very, irritating! I have no idea why I should be like this on occasions, no rhyme or reason, it is what it is.

When I was younger, it could be put down to that time of month, so it does make me wonder, if despite my advancing years, that being irritable occasionally conicides with what would have been PMT? Who knows.

DB is busy using the powerhose, giving the conservatory its end of summer wash. Should look far better once all the grease, grime and green mould has gone.

I am about to go outside and prune the last apple tree, once my less than spectacular bread is out the oven - another thing that irritated me today:(

Ah well, have a good weekend everyone.


  1. You may be right about the PMT thing. I still get stomach and back pains every month even though I haven't had a 'that time of the month' for about 9 years now and I get irritated too-x-

  2. My husband says there are weeks when I just am not with it. Today I knew it was Friday, but I got up and acted like it was Thursday - thus missing the dustbin men, and half a dozen other things!

  3. I also get irritable, usually after being around people for days on end with no break!!! I need my alone time for sure.

    God bless.

  4. I'm up and down all the time, so annoying, the hot weather doesn't help though, I'm more of an Autumn and Spring person.


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