Friday, 16 September 2016

Saving up for big items

Davis Cup this weekend. Condolences to Andy and Jamie on the passing of their grand dad.

We have just changed our car for another ex-demo, a year younger and less mileage. In the past, when funds were far more less available for such things, our cars would have been kept for a long while. This inevitably resulted in high mileage and a low exchange rate.

Last time around, we also got an ex demo car, a few months old but our part exchange was a little low and we delved into savings just a tad. Once we had the 'new to us' car, we began saving into a car fund, to exchange it sometime in the future.

This car has used those special savings and not a penny more. Again, we have decided as from our October pension pay day, to up the previous car saving amount and begin again. We already have an emergency fund, dudicious spending results in us not only putting a set amount by each month into regular savings, but often we still have money left at the end of the month, which also goes into savings.

Although the insurance is slighter more for this car, it doesn't have road tax so a slight saving.

Do you put money away for the bigger things in life, whether it be the next car, holidays, paying off the mortgage early, retirement etc?


  1. We have always put a little away each month from first getting married, a habit that we have easily managed to keep up.

  2. I put a certain amount aside every month until retirement. Now that things have settled and income is steady once more, I shall do the same again. Once it's gone, it's gone, so to speak.
    J x


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