Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Why most of us DO NOT have the attention span of a gnat!

We won't be watching anymore of the 'new' series of Coast. BBC2 - you should be ashamed of yourselves.

It is bad enough on most of the commercial channels that we have to put up with "coming up after the break" ... "before the break you watched" etc., but this 'new' series does just that - constantly:(

On top of that, it is mostly a compilation of bits and pieces, often tiny fragments, of previous shows from the last 10 years.

The Coast music snippets I used to love listening to, when they were snippets. Now they are almost constantly screaming away in the background, often, you can't even hear what the presenter is saying.

Worse still, they are calling it The Great ? Guide. During the first programme, about Cornwall, the link presenter Tessa Dunlop said, The Great Cornish/Cornwall Guide a mere 23 times, that wasn't counting the numbers of times on top of that, that she said The Great Guide or even the Guide!

Did I remember to say, The Great Cornish Guide, oh sorry, I forgot, I meant to say before the break, or was it coming up after the break. I can't quite remember, oh yes, it was before the break and it will be coming up after the break.

What will, you ask? Well, The Great Guide of course:(


  1. Oh, dear, that's a shame. I didn't see it but I think that would irritate me too.

  2. That kind of thing drives me up the wall.

  3. At least 25% of programs are like this garbage. Why do they take is for idiots. I tape everything now and fast-forward through a thirty minute program and its often only 18 minutes long.

  4. I agree. That constant repeating before and after the break, repeating people's names ' over to John. Thank you John. That was interesting John...' repeating clips of films, and plugging books...drives me bonkers!

  5. Once upon a time Coast was new and interesting but we haven't watched it for many years now as they just seemed to be endlessly repeating bits as you say.

  6. I saw complaints about Coast a few days ago. It may have been on Points of View as I can't think of anything else that it would have been on. I think that Bake Off will go the same way once it moves to Channel 4!

  7. Yes, I find it annoying that there is so much repetition. I like Coast but haven't watched it for ages. I don't like the presenter who talks as though everyone watching is a bit dim. Fast forward doesn't work very well on the catchup commercial channels, and I can't watch bbc.


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