Thursday, 20 October 2016

Autumn Muffins GF or not...

You can use this link here for a version of this recipe. I increased and exchanged the flour for 9oz of gluten free into which was added one teaspoon xanthum gum and two teaspoons baking powder. Next, the nuts were exchanged for sultana's, white sugar was used, then I added a teaspoon of mixed spice and topped them with a grating of marzipan.

They were baked at 180C for 25 minutes:

There was a little mixture left over so the marzipan was stirred into the cake mixture to make two smaller ones.

I'm sure the dried fruit could be swapped out for chopped walnuts, just think Autumn and the world is your oyster. They are not the same texture of regular flour but not too bad. The marzipan topping was very sticky the next day but all in all, a good trial.

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