Thursday, 13 October 2016

Holiday House

Our holiday house faced onto its own beach on the Solway Firth. It was very nice apart from mice/rats in the attic which disturbed us during the night. Also, the heating/hot water was in one of the bedrooms and kept occupants in that bedroom plus the adjoing one, awake when it came on in the mornings. We had no control over either so couldn't switch them off:(

Other than that, a great place, uber quiet:

It had its own foreshore:



  1. What a lovely place! Sounds like the house had plenty of character too.:)

  2. It certainly looks idyllic and in a lovely spot.

  3. My kind of get away from it all break. Beautiful. Wouldn't have liked the lodgers in the loft though!

  4. Looks lovely but the animals would have me in the car heading home!!!

  5. What a lovely view.

    God bless.


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