Monday, 10 October 2016

Master L ....

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Poor Grand Dog Master L.

A while ago, we went on holiday with DS, DDiL and our 3 Grand Dogs, Miss S., Miss M and said Master. On one of our smaller walks, we went along an old railway track, and were heading to see where one of the bridges had been washed away in a previous storm.

Miss S., decided to investigate a drain, landing on a leaf covered grill and one of her back legs went through and she limped for a little while. Before we got to said bridge, Master L. disappeared from view and was promptly whistled to come back. Being a Labrador, he did so at very high speed by the sound of him (he was out of view at this stage).

The next thing we heard was a twang and a serious, gut wrenching scream from him. DDiL ran down the slope to find him and he returned with blood pouring from his mouth. Although we don't know, we think he ran into a wire fence.

Anyway, being in the middle of nowhere and needing a vet urgently, we had to walk back as fast as possible to get a signal which on another bridge DS eventually located. As such things go, an internet search found only one vet remotely near, phone call was made only to find they were closing in 10 minutes so after a long conversation, they referred us to their other practice which was a 25 minute drive away.

We still had 2 miles or so left to walk so set out as fast as we could all manage including Master L, who was slightly dazed by now. He did so well bless him, still bleeding heavily, teeth and gum hanging out the front of his mouth, cuts on his nose and head.

After what felt like forever, we eventually got back, drove to the vets and they admitted him straight away for surgery and he was to stay in overnight. Next morning we had to drive a lot further from our base house to pick him up. He came out like nothing had happened. He had lost two bottom right front teeth, see picture:
He also had a small fragment of jaw put back in, and gum stitched back into place. He had a slight scalping to the top of his head but they said that would be okay:
All in all, a rather lucky escape, could have been his nose or eyes that got damaged. Oh, did we mention, Miss M was on heat!


  1. Oh poor dog. That sounds horrendous.
    Hope he's on the mend now-x-

  2. I hate barbed wire. My first dog got it in her head and the vet said a few mm's to one side she'd have died instantly - still makes me feel sick. Hope he's recovering well. x

  3. How awful - my stomach did a funny turn as I was reading! Hope he recovers well. It sounds as if you coped really well - I would've been in a right panic!!

  4. Poor thing. I hope his recovery is progressing well.

    God bless.


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