Monday, 24 October 2016

Red Tomato Chutney

Welcome to Bern Mill via here and Michelle McShane via Bloglovin.

Our neighbours have been away and were inundated with tomatoes so asked us to help ourselves. To be honest, the tomatoes were getting a bit past it due to the cold night, the slightest touch on some of the plants and the tomatoes threw themselves to the ground! However, we never look a gift horse in the mouth.

I managed to find enough good red ones to make 1/3rd of this chutney recipe. I don't know where the recipe is from but my father in law had written it out for his wife so here it is:

 Hope you can read it. I got just about 2 jars:


  1. One of my favourite preserves, beautiful with cold cuts and cheese.

    1. Although we ate lots made by my mother in law, this might be the first time I have made it.


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