Friday, 27 January 2017

Calorific Intake and light tomato and pepper soup

We normally don't have to diet as we eat quite healthily apart from the odd bit of cake and a pudding once a week. Even when I do bake a cake, half is always frozen in 2 quarters for future use and we always limit ourselves to one small slice once a day!

However, since being on beta-blockers my weight has increased quite a bit and the doctor has agreed for me to come off them for a while (only on the lowest dose) to see if it makes a difference. I have strict instructions to go back on them should my tachycardia become a nuisance again. DB now has a similar problem after starting on new medication so that has been stopped as well.

There is nothing more soul destroying than dieting in my opinion, especially in winter when all you want to do is eat stick to your ribs food but hey ho, needs must.

My breakfast consists of a fruit smoothie every morning calculated at 200 calories. It isn't just fruit that it contains, it also includes various amounts of linseed/psyllium husk, nuts, oats and milk, in varying combinations so I don't get bored.

Our home baked gluten free bread works out at 126 calories per slice:( so that has also been cut down somewhat. When we have soup, we now only have one slice of it or else share a bag of mini poppadoms. The other day, I decided to work out the calories of a basic vegetable soup for us, it was quite a lot, so I set to to reduce it and here is the resulting recipe:

1 400g can of tomatoes, 200g diced onion, 200g red bell pepper, 1 beef stock cube, 1 tablespoon tomato puree.

Everything above, except the onion, was placed in a blender and liquidised. The onion was lightly fried in spray oil (or could just use water) until soft and taking on a little colour. The tomato liquid was decanted onto the onion, by ladleful and water added to give 6 ladles of soup, then 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar was added.

Everything was heated and black pepper and herbs added for flavour. We had half each with half a 50g bag of mini poppadoms each. Total calories approximately 205 each. Not bad at all and it was hot and spicy and filled us up.

Whilst I don't plan on calorie counting, I am finding it useful to realise just how much is in things to get my eye in!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. It's surprising how many calories some foods contain once you start checking. I'm on my second round of 800 a day for 8 weeks - I was successful last year but since Christmas I've regained a little bit.

    1. I couldn't go quite that low but well done you.

  2. I hope the changes in your medication make it easier for you to lose the excess weight. I'm finding it hard not to overeat at the moment. I'm a stress eater and with all the house buying stuff, trying to declutter 17 years worth of hoarding, DD3's wedding preparations, helping my aspergers son claim all the benefits he's entitled to and my youngest son getting engaged and trying to sort out all the paperwork for him to marry his American fiance and move to the States, I'd say I have quite a lot on my plate...foodwise too. With the weather so cold all I want to eat is bread, pastry and other such rib hugging foods. I've gained a few lbs and hoping that I'll manage to lose it through the spring before the wedding in July.

    1. Blimey, that is a lot going on! Normally I can be quite good and if I do fall off the wagon, try to find the least fattening thing to eat.

  3. I am trying the 16:8 way of eating. Suits me well and have lost 4lbs since Jan 1st. Google and see what you think. I also aim for 10,000 steps a day so not sure whether it's this or the 16:8 doing the trick!

    1. Very interesting but I have to eat regularly otherwise I get painful indigestion:(
      I try to eat between 8am and 8pm every day, with 8pm being something like natural yoghurt.


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