Thursday, 5 January 2017

Fixing a squeak

First of all, welcome to Trish Perry via Bloglovin.

When we bought the Maxiclimber, one of the negative comments from some people is that it develops a very loud and irritating squeak after a time. Just under 3 weeks as it happened!

No one seemed to be able to tackle it effectively and said machine seems to have been returned. DB was not to be thwarted.

We listened and thought we realised where it was coming from. Pulley was taken apart, cleaned, greased and put back together again - nope!

Each joint was also sprayed with WD40 - nope!

Eventually, we thought it was coming from somewhere near the pedals you stand on. Here, at the top of where one part of the right lower leg slides inside the other part of it, we saw a plastic roller at the top, near the handles, which had some scruff marks on it. This was cleaned - nope!

Oh dear, neither of us wanted to be defeated so we checked the actual pole that slides inside - bingo. Dark dust everywhere. We didn't want to clean and add grease here as it would get onto clothing. Instead, it was cleaned with sugar soap until all residue was removed. On I hopped - squeak gone.

Obviously a slight design fault but we reckon this is the problem and it will reoccur so have decided on a fortnightly/monthly bit of housekeeping cleaning it with either sugar soap or a bit of WD 40/Swarfega on a cloth to remove the residue.

When we bought the machine, we got it with free extra warranty which gives us peace of mind!


  1. Its great when you problem solve. Well done.

    1. We both love problem solving and rarely give up.

  2. ive just had to google that lol, feel puffed out just looking at the thing haha well done for sorting the squeak .sammie xx

    1. Certainly gives a good cardio workout.


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