Monday, 2 January 2017

Its that time again...

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Although we still have 3 months left on our fixed tariff electricity plan, this is the time of year when we begin searching for a new tariff and possibly a new supplier.

We tend to switch between 2 energy companies, mainly because they usually offer us the best deals with having an economy 7 meter.

Since changing our tumble dryer, it will no longer let us use it on a timer overnight, it refuses to switch on, we have tried:(

We now use it sparingly during the day, drying only half the time and finishing off in the front room. It is only for items that need a rapid dry, otherwise it is not required.

This has meant that it shouldn't be viable for us to keep our economy 7 meter but checking online this morning, that is still not the case. We still heat our hot water overnight and still get the early morning bulk of our heating done cheaply as well.

Obviously, winter has still not fully arrived even though the nights are getting colder, so who knows how much electricity we will use in the coming weeks.

Still, it pays to check and maybe even to change early, as we always chose an plan that has no exit fee!

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  1. I'm with OVO and I love them, they are competitive but not always the cheapest. Customer service is fantastic...all humans! I am in complete control and have smart meters.


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