Thursday, 26 January 2017

Potato base pizza

I have seen many incarnations of this meal including mashed potato on top of a pizza base. We wanted to try something a little less calorific and found this recipe to try and adapt where necessary. As it turns out, it is gluten free due to the flours she uses.

We didn't have any sweet potato mash so used normal potato, mashing it with salt and pepper but no butter or margerine or milk - we call it dry mash!

I didn't have the spice additions to the mash she used so settled on a touch of dried tarragon - worked fine. Personally we think you would need one of these each but with little else. As it was, we got one 9" round base, which needs to be rolled reasonably thin, ours was about 1cm:
I lightly greased the paper before patting the mash into a disc as despite it being parchment paper, wasn't sure if it would stick.
We also didn't have any spray oil (which we now have) so baked the base for 20 minutes before using a paper towel with oil on it to smear some oil onto the top to help it brown. After 25 minutes we removed it and put on the toppings.

I used tomato puree watered down, followed by some sliced chilli, a little grated cheese (no mozzarella) and a few small slices of pancetta. It baked for another 10 minutes.

We ate it with grated carrot and apple (the apple provides enough of a dressing) and peas and sweetcorn.

Verdict: Very nice.

We made it again a few days later. I really must be patient and cook the base for the full 30 minutes. It has to be dry and slightly crisp or the topping makes it soggy. The pepper needed also to be cooked (and mushrooms if using) as they create too much moisture:
Still tasted nice though. I reckon it might be possible to bake the bases, interline and freeze them but haven't tried that.


  1. Looks really lovely, have you heard of or even tried the yogurt pizza? internet is raving about it and i have tried it and is amazing, good for all diet types as you can get gluten free yogurt and flour etc, basically half natural yogurt and half plain flour and mix to a dough i find you do need allot more flour thou, i couldnt understand how it would work but it does, i pre baked the dough after rolling out only for around 5 mins then add toppings and cook like a usual pizza, can even roll thin and top with garlic butter makes amazing naan breads-just grill them :)
    sammie xx

  2. No, I hadn't so thanks for that!

  3. I like the sound of that, I will be giving it a go.

  4. This sounds lovely DC. Will give it a try.


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