Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Rice Cutlets

For tea last night, we tried one of two recipes for Indian Rice Cutlets:
We used 1 1/2 times the recipe from this site. As you can see, we only got 4 each, which we served with grated carrot and apple in a small amount of mayonnaise. We found them quite nice if a little hot as I think I overdid the chilli!

I have just found another version here, which we will try sometime.

As it turns out, by using either gram flour in the recipe we tried, or corn flour (starch) in the next recipe, they are both naturally gluten free.


  1. looks lovely, i love indian food but you do have to watch the spices :D xx

  2. They look good, I'll make a note of that recipe

  3. They certainly do look good, I will also be making a note of the recipe.

  4. They look lovely, will definately give them a try. Woo xx


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