Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Ageing and decorating ...

We have both noticed how much more challenging decorating (amongst other things), has become as we age.

The kitchen ceiling is being repainted as we noticed some kind of multiple 'explosion' marks on it. When they were scrubbed off,  the dinginess of the ceiling became apparent.

DB duly attached masking tape to the wall near the ceiling (frog tape didn't want to know - grease probably). As he finished and began to attach a floaty type of cover to the cabinets, the tape started to peel off so had to be removed. Nowt for it but to paint carefully then.

Even doing that reasonably small amount of work, bending this way and that, going up and down the ladders, made him ache in quite a few places.

He downed tools to have a cup of tea and a sit down to replace and replenish his muscles:)

Our walking buddy E. and her husband have just finished completely decorating their lounge and they both said the same thing. They like us, have been trying to get our homes sorted out to take us into the next decade or so.

However, it is rapidly becoming apparent, that next time decorating needs doing, it will either take far longer than now, or we will have to get someone in. Bummer!


  1. Oh I know that feeling.
    I have done our decorating and household maintainence for forty years and I really can't do as much now as I used to be able to. I don't feel safe on steps or ladders now and the last time I papered and painted the stairs (two staircases, two landings and a hall)it nearly finished me off lol. When that needs doing again I have told my daughter that it can be her job-x-

    1. Back, knees, shoulders neck and wrists are the worst.

  2. My Mum is astonishing. She's 78 and still does all her own decorating, including the hall, stairs and landing! She did say though that when she decorated last year ( it's a regular occurrence!) she found it more tiring, so maybe this latest round of wallpaper and paint will last longer than the usual year or so...

  3. I agree, and I am only in my early 50's. I am decorating our bedroom this weekend, minus the ceiling and know it's a full weekend's job and I will be pooped afterwards.

  4. Totally agree, everything seems to take twice as long.

  5. My husband and I are now in our seventies and are doing "our last redecorating and refreshing" of our home. Next time - we'll hire out the work - we are doing okay with it - just so much slower than when we were younger - and to tell you the truth, we have done this so many times in our life that I am getting to the point of enough is enough and I am sick of it. Mary Ellen


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