Monday, 27 February 2017

Very nearly ...

We have been away to DS's and DDiL's for the weekend. Enjoyed seeing the grand-dogs, nice walks, nice meals. Watched two films, Interstellar and Antman, both very good. Have brought some other films home.

Good drive back, stopping for lunch at one of our favourite haunts. To get out, you have to cross a busy road, near a bend, something I rarely do, as I am usually the one driving in.

Ah well, looking right then left, I waited for a car from the left to drive by, double checked right (left appeared clear) and started to pull out, almost into a car from the left, driving at the speed limit of 60 mph. DB yelled stop which I did, leaving me stranded on our side of the carriageway (mainly because I couldn't get the car into reverse quickly enough).

Around the corner from the right appeared two cars who had to swerve to avoid me. Finally I started to reverse when a huge lorry came from the same direction, sounding its rather pathetic horn. It sounded so odd I wondered what it was, thinking someone was hooting behind me. I don't know what was worse, being worried about reversing into someone behind me, or getting mown down by the lorry!

Anyway, a split second was all it took to confirm no-one was behind me and I shot backwards just in time.

Could have been very nasty as both of us could have been seriously injured or killed:( I was more annoyed than anything as I can't remember having ever pulled out in front of someone. The car I saw had its lights on and I think the one I missed didn't, so can only assume that was why I didn't see it.

Mind you, driving up there we had 3 near misses on us by other drivers. Ah well, we arrived home safely.


  1. That must have been really scary for you. Thank goodness there wasn't a crash. X

  2. Replies
    1. I also think the other car may have been slightly hidden by the door jamb.

  3. Thank goodness you are both ok. Chances are, that driver was speeding. Judging by the number of cars who tailgate me when I am driving at the speed limit and then roar past me at the first opportunity, most are.

    1. So are we! No mistakes in life only lessons and that was well learnt!


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