Monday, 6 February 2017

What a strange ending!

GB won their Davis Cup tie against Canada by default. It was 2 matches all, and Kyle Edmund was 2 sets up and had just gone 2 to 1 games up. The young Canadian lost his temper and hit a ball full pelt in disgust.

I think he was aiming for the ball to go out but mis hit it, and it slammed into the eye of the chair umpire. After a few minutes of emergency first aid, the match was handed to us.

Poor lad, it will be a hard lesson to learn but the same result would have eschewed if it had hit a member of the audience, another player etc.

I just hope he won't be vilified by his countryman.

Kyle was a different beast to the player that came out for his match on Friday and I think we would have won anyway.


  1. I was too tired to stay up to watch so went to bed when he was almost 2 sets up. Woke up in the night and put radio on and heard what had happened - and thought - what a silly way for him to lose. Just watched it on lap top - and seen it was such a weird thing that it should have gone right in the umpires face .
    But GB through and now France. Thought all the lads did very well and great for them to be able to play and win without AM

  2. I would imagine he'll think twice before he does that again. It was such a fluke, nobody, especially him, thought it would hit the umpire. I heard that he was devastated, very upset and sorry after. Lesson learnt, we hope!


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