Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Busy early...

By 09:15, I had got the washing washed and on the line and our weekly loaf of gf bread made and rising.

The sun keeps disappearing but there is enough wind to dry the washing providing we don't get any showers.

I shall make some lamb and carrot soup for lunch today, and we will be finishing off some pork chilli for tea.

Herewith the centre part of our front gravel garden:
The euphorbia bracts (left) are just appearing but nothing else in flower at the moment, now that the daffs and snowdrops have gone over. I really must go and stake the peony (one of five) at the top before it gets much bigger.

We have been scraping moss off our rear garden back path and grubbing out the weeds in the cracks of the brick paving. This path hardly gets any sun this time of year, hence the moss.


  1. Always there is garden work, what a blessing to have one :)
    Pretty photo!

  2. The garden looks really neat, I love moss xxx


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