Saturday, 15 April 2017

Hybrid Simnel Bara Brith cake for Easter

I added two extra ingredients to my Bara Brith recipe, see Gluten Free tab above, to create a hybrid cake for Easter. Following the recipe, the fine zest of a whole orange was added to the mixture, it smelled wonderful.

After placing half the mixture in the prepared 2lb loaf tin, I then added a layer of bought marzipan, and cut some in slices about 1/2cm in thickness:

The rest of the cake mixture was put on top of the marzipan, and the top smoothed off. It was baked as per the temperature and 5 minutes longer than the time on the Bara Brith recipe.

Here it is, cut in half:
We shared half a slice each once it had cooled. The taste and texture is very nice. Half was frozen so we don't overindulge. I have eaten a small Easter egg which I found way too sweet and sickly. The rest of that is also in the freezer. It is amazing how reducing your calories changes how you view sweet things!

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  1. Now you're really talking, a marzipan layer is just genius! Xxx


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