Thursday, 20 April 2017

New header and tennis...

There were loads of lambs in the fields when we were out on a walk this week so thought I would put a lovely spring picture of them on the blog header. There was also a stray lamb outside the fence trying hard to get back in, despite there being no sign of its mother.

We asked several people and no-one knew who the farmer was. Eventually, we ended up in a local cafe and she did know and phoned him to let him know. We were very worried for it in case a fox got it overnight. So much so that we spent some time trying to get it back in, but to no avail.

Hopefully he managed to catch it as it was very fast!

Andy has just gone out of the Monte Carlo tournament. Not surprising really, he was 4-0 up in the final set and then seemed to lose concentration. He only just won his last match so still not up to scratch and serving still not right.


  1. We drove up to Burnham Deepdale this afternoon and saw lots of little lambs on the way your new header picture!

  2. Lovely header, very apt for the spring xxxx

    1. Thank you. We are on a bluebell walk next week, almost three weeks early.


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