Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A bit of sea air...

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The other day, we decided to drive to Hunstanton to get some sea air. The tide was just 1/2 an hour from being fully in and the sea was almost as flat as a mill pond:

They have won some lottery money and are busy rebuilding the shelters, esplanade, new amenities to play with such as this playground (note the red stripe in the background which we are pleased to say, is the old fashioned Wicksteed rocking horse they have saved and moved) and a new mini 9 hole golf area:

The cliffs looked as good as ever:
The high tide does cover the rather slippery rocks and pools so paddling is not advised when you can't see them as it would be very easy to get a foot stuck!

We walked up the green to partake of chips and curry sauce, sitting on the seats near the front shops and looking out to sea. We then walked down to the front to enjoy a nice ice cream. A lovely hour or two. We both felt tired for the rest of the day and neither of us slept particularly well but hey ho - who cares:)


  1. I had a dream about that park a few nights ago, how strange. I'm starting to feel a bit homesick this week!

    I'm glad they rescued the horse, I think it's possibly a relic of Le Strange himself :D

    1. Didn't know about that possibility, how interesting.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day out!

  3. I could look out to sea for hours, so beautiful whatever the tide or weather. We are talking about heading up to Norfolk soon, so a trip to Hunstanton looks promising now xxx


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